Our Philosophy

Statistics is the grammar of science (Karl Pearson). However, statistics is a tool to be used, not a means to an end. Many students struggle with the concepts, the underlying mathematical thinking and the practical application. Lack of mathematical knowledge, interest and/or even panicking at the sight of algebraical symbols, notations and formulas are making the use of statistical tools a real challenge. On this site, we will offer an approach for learning and understanding statistics from a multi-layered perspective. Realistic examples are provided together with a thorough theoretical explanation. In addition, pages with Excel, SPSS and R are offered to bridge the gap between understanding the concepts and the application in statistical analyses. Step by step novice strategies are linked to more sophisticated expert approaches in statistical problem solving.

Our History

Ursa's Workshop was founded in 2008 by a couple of university, high-school and special needs teachers aiming to help troubled students in all kinds of topics.